Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Long blog.

Well, the Chelan house is finished...Arizona finished... and I am back to blogging!  Also, got my creative juices flowing again and working at a great new store in town called Patina.  Local artists and pickers having some fun!  Thank goodness for me new life!  I'll post photos of the Arizona house as soon as I get back there to take them.  They are on my PC there and I'm not bright enough to know how to copy photos and transfer them to another computer.  Seriously, I'm not.  So, anyway, back to blogging!  And picking!  Here's what I just missed out on today at the Chelan Habitat for Humanity!  $100 for the entire set, including the double adirondack glider.  Now, mind you, I would have painted the set - so I guess I should be grateful that another "project" was thwarted.

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  1. Lake Chelan Washington?
    We were there at a time share centuries ago. =)