The Six Year House

Ahhh, the little lake house.  A six year project I hold dear to my heart.  Where the remodeling bug completely took over our lives, in a good way.  Completely tore out the landscape, re-roofed, resided, new windows, new kitchen, new floors, new fireplaces, new office, new bathroom...Actually lived here the longest, one for the record books.  A wonderful, serene fishing lake, although I never caught a darn fish!  Opening day of fishing was such fun, the lake was just lined with fishing boats.  Greatest memory, sitting on the dock when an eagle soared down about ten feet over my head, grabbed a fish right in front of me, I was splashed with water.  It was completely surreal, one of those "did that just happen? moments"  This is the house that we will kick ourselves for selling, but the fact that we sold it to the most precious family made it feel better at the time.  And that the new gal was a true "fisherman" gave me hope that someone would catch a fish there one day!   

Originially a tiny kitchen, wish I had some before photos...
We knocked out a wall to open up the kitchen to the living room also bringing in more light to the kitchen and expanding the lake view!

I obsessed on ebay for months collecting old fireplace tiles for the kitchen backsplash.  Had to find just the right colors.  My wonderful brother-in-law, Ron came up to install the tiles and stone on a fireplace.  He was so careful not to break one of my precious tiles.
Here's the gutting of the old kitchen...Let the kitchen remodeling begin, Don and Larry tearing out the old cabs
Bringing in the new cabs!  
Gotta love it when the worker guys don't mind me snapping pictures of them hard at work!

Build me an island!  Yay!
The start of a hutch in my life

Gas line going in...good thing we hadn't paved the driveway yet!
New windows and trim

New ceiling and beams going in.  We painted every piece seperately.

New tongue in groove ceiling and beams!
Concrete pour preparation for new patio expansion!

Downstairs fireplace, old tile gone - river rock rocking it!

Brother-in-law Ron the master craftman! 
New stone columns at driveway entrance

Tiny powder room, and art gallery  
The Flower pots loved Pine Lake!

Flowers hanging off the garage, such a magnificent spring showing!
This flowering cherry tree made me so happy!
The landscaping begins as large rocks are rolled down the side path, I don't know how they didn't all end up in the lake!

Boomer was always so helpful to the workers!

Boomer supervising again!
Look at how it all turned out!

This gravel path below would become the paver steps shown below, lined with boxwood

I loved this shed...the neighbors put one in to.  Copy cats  : )

Front yard landscaping.  My little apple orchard where the deer frequently nibbled.  My dad sat in a chair one day up here and watched the deer, so sweet.

This little area below would be transformed into a new area for outdoor fireplace and hot tub.  Photos following.
A popular spot with the kids, outdoor fireplace and hot tub.

Decided to put in a carport, here it is going up on the left side of the driveway
Built stairs off the front door to take us down to a little patio we created.  The crab apple tree was glorious, wish those blooms lasted longer!  A very short spring session!

The photo what became of the photo above.  Shed was taken out a new carport was built above the shed and the path and stairs led to a new patio area for morning tea.

One of the last projects - Office going in downstairs

Winter at the lake

I just love this son took a "friend" (girl) for a little boat ride...when a huge storm blew in and there they sat in the pouring rain!  That little trip didn't turn out the way he planned  ; )