The Summer House

Can you say pine paneling?  At first, I was a bit horrified and had planned to paint out the pine with a gazillion coats of a glossy white, but the warmth grew on me.  Not to mention, the hubby's face always looked well, "pained" somewhat whenever I brought up the "lets paint the walls discussion".  Men and their wood, what's up with that?  Decided that since he has worked his tush off for the luxury of this little "getaway" then damn it, he should have his wood!  So the pine stayed, and I actually added more of it with wide plank pine flooring I found on ebay!  We also gutted the kitchen and added a teenage hangout room downstairs.  Landscaped, paved driveway, new siding, roof, windows...again, the list goes on and on.  This house was worth every penny, we enjoyed countless summers here.  Lake Chelan is a beautiful summer vacation spot.  I pretend to be a photographer sometimes, hence the scenic photos.
The lake goes down in the winter and these little buoys line the shore.

House - Before, a lovely peachy tan
New siding, windows and deck
New House exterior and landscape
The sky is always blue in Chelan!
Kitchen going in - Yay!

Ebay floor down, the dogs nails did a number on these floors!  No more pine floors in my future  ; )

Garage downstairs converted to "Teen Hangout"

I did manage to paint just one tiny wall white!  Primer plus three coats!

My photography of such a beautiful place