The Forever House..breaking ground!

Yay!  We bought a lot!

Some grapes growing, our own little vineyard...will try to save them and replant!

Little trailer use to inhabit the lot  : )  I could live in that!

Old roses!  LOVE!  Not sure we can save these  : (

So happy I have this tree on the neighbors side to greet me every spring!  I love the log house next door, really hope whoever purchases that property one day (it's for sale) doesn't tear it down.  : (

Some early drawings, the pantry configuration has changed significantly, new open concept.

Excavation begins!  December 2011

Nothing but dirt!

More dirt
Love those dirt photos!

Dig baby dig!

Dirt photos followed by gravel photos...exciting huh?
Hey honey, get a shot of that gravel!

Mark putting in some labor!

Oh crap, clay found - need to add more gravel  cha-ching $
Stupid clay.

I have no idea what this is...

Concrete forms going in - a maze!

I'm seeing room layout!

Filling those forms with concrete

Don, supervising his concrete wall construction
 Hurry and dry concrete before it snows!

Yay!  Forms removed

A concrete jungle!

 Let the framing begin!

 Casita below garage will be a cool spot in the summer for guests!

 WOW!  Beams!  Lot's of beams!

 Looking up at the master
 Standing in great room, looking up at master

 Warm, welcoming front door  : )
Photo of ladders, haha
Another angle on the ladders photo...hahahaha

 Hello stairs!

 Stairs to upper hallway and master
 Upper hallway, will look down over entrance and into great room

 Love my ceilings!

 View from master deck - morning coffee?

 Master bedroom deck view - ahhhhh

 View from front door

 View to future outdoor room off great room

 Little office niche off great room, I have big plans for this little room!
 Great room looking into kitchen, where Don will cook to his heart's content.  ; )
 Open pantry concept in kitchen

 From great room looking toward front door, stairs tier down so that the view is captured nicely from the front door.
 Side of house, looking at casita entrance under garage, with deck above
 Wine cellar...haha, just kidding.  Not a bad idea though?

 Looking out of casita door.

 Front door hallway, nice and wide.  Happy girl

 I believe in my heart of hearts that Don took this picture because it symbolizes his future dock  ; )

 Deck off master, where I plan to lounge 75% of the time.

Garage and front of house

Front Door, ya know...without the door.

 Ready to pour patio concrete  : )
 Windows going in!!

 Windows over front door

 My little round window over the master about to go in...
 Indoor/Outdoor fireplace  =  happiness and warmth!
 Casita door in background, under the garage.

 Master bedroom view
 Concrete just stamped on master patio
 Front of the house, little wall so I don't drive the car into the house...?

 Oh my gosh, can it rain any harder on scheduled concrete pouring days?
 Muddy mess : (
 Patio off great room, concrete stamped, waiting for some sunshine  : (
 Concrete patio off back of the garage...don't ask, I have no idea why?
 SIDING....oh happy siding!!
 Wanted a 3" reveal, but since they call this the monster wall...didn't get my wish.
Go siding go!!
 Forms for concrete wall on property line, casita side

 Stairs leading down to front door!  Yay, because it was a hill to climb in my boots!
 Prep for furnace, so interesting....ho hum....Zzzzzzz
 I suppose a furnace is necessary  : )

 Such a handsome furnace too.
 Completion of the monster wall  : )
 Yay, stairs! 
 Door off the great room!  Can't wait to leave that open and let that sun shine in!

 Patio off the master bedroom, nice and private : )  Boomer plans to sleep here at night.
 I just think every lake house should have a round window!
 Door off master
 Garage, nice and clean  : )
 There will be a garage door here leading into an indoor/outdoor room w fireplace.
 Happy little house.

 Outdoor room going in

 Chimney stone - Indoor/Outdoor fireplace
 There will be a garage door that opens up at the lake and leads into this room!

 Getting ready to paint