Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The First Straw Hat

Why name my blog Straw Hats and Beach Bags?  Well because those two items reflect my design philosophy - casual, comfortable and fun.  Also because it seems that I cannot recall a time when I have been able to restrain myself from purchasing the random straw hat or beach bag.  I have oodles and oodles of both!  I justify the beach bag purchases by calling them storage bins.  The photo above is one of my first straw hat purchases sitting proudly on my daughter's little head some 14 years ago.  Those straw hats may be credited toward saving my life one day, as I plan to use them in the years ahead to protect my pale, German skin from the sun.  Unfortunately being raised in Hawaii and surfing from sun up to sun down has taken it's toll, but in my wise old years ahead I plan to hide under a hat.  And I might as well make it a big, floppy straw hat!  The sunscreen will be in my beach bag!  In the meantime, I am decorating our next house with a coastal theme and will surely need more hats and beach bags....

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  1. Hey nice story! It's true how pale skinned people can get a lot of sun damage if they don't protect from it. Althogh I have not pale skin, I like to wear a hat at the beach and my girl does the same but with beach bags!